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Golden Bay beach new land development drone photo

We provide creative high quality drone photography and video footage for events, commercial property, building sites, construction & engineering projects and more...

Capturing clear images for informative perspectives, location proximities, project progress and more. 

Let's have a conversation about saving time and money, reducing risk and having regular  information at hand.

Event & Project Photography

aerial drone photo for ScoutsWA 60th celebration

Running a special event?

Besides capturing amazing high quality drone photography and video, aerial views also provide instant feedback allowing you to make informed decisions about ground level event activity.

Helicopter View

aerial photo of buildings on Adelaide Terrace, Perth

Get amazing helicopter views of your building site,  construction project, or event, quickly, safely and at a fraction of the cost with one of our drone photography and video packages.

In some circumstances chartering a helicopter is still the solution. So when you need images from greater heights or need to fly in controlled airspace, we have you covered.

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ROI... what can your new photos & video do for you?

Why not let us put your fresh drone photography to good use with a short marketing video.

You will get a pro edited video for your business or project and all you need to do is post it to your social media channels.

Have a look at some of our previous aerial photography work below and get in touch with us when you are ready for some new video action... and new business!

Ferro Clean superior corrosion prevention drone Photography and video video footage of their 3 locations in Perth

Drone photography and video of the Surtees 610 Workmate for All Boats and Caravans Perth

Silky smooth Canning River reflections - Perth

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